Unflattering Qualities ~ Air signs GEMINI, LIBRA, AQUARIUS

Unflattering Qualities ~ Gemini

“Devil-may-care” attitude brings them more harm than good, have a tendency to live on the edge.  Their guilt makes them feel that they don’t deserve success.  They give too much to others that they sometimes lose themselves.  They are prone to suppress emotions and makes it very difficult for them to accept affection and love.

Advice: Work at listening to others and don’t be tempted to try daring devil stunts all the time. Cultivate the habit of not flirting with every attractive person you see and make up your mind to be a true and loving spouse, or don’t commit until you are really ready to do this.

Unflattering Qualities ~ Libra

Their inability to reach a decision in matters of personal action is legendary. They weigh all the alternatives and hear every side of an argument which takes time and many opportunities tend to pass them by because of it. Very sensitive to criticism and take mild statements of fact very personally, however, they never shy away from making statements about others and don’t take into account other’s feelings and sensitivity.

Advice: Don’t blindly trust people; learn to be little more discriminating in your offers of help. Learn to think for yourself and don’t be swayed by persuasive tongues. If you learn how to please yourself without depriving others, then you will be able to please someone else.

Unflattering Qualities ~ Aquarius

Inclined to be too idealistic and naive sometimes, practicality gets thrown out of the window many times. Cool and aloof, they rarely want to deal with deep emotions. They like to give advice but don’t like to receive it. Constantly shift focus that drives others insane.

Advice: You should practice expressing your humanity by accepting people the way they are and not find too much fault in them. By repressing your emotions you drive the unrest deep inside where it can cost you in terms of health. Express your feelings but do it with tact.