Dark Side Leo Astrology

Many Leo men and women experience vanity and self-absorption. This can be their dark side. Recognizing and confronting this aspect of the Leo personality can be essential

Vanity and self-absorption can be very obvious flaws in the Leo personality, or the personality of those born under other star signs. While these flaws often generate plenty of external criticism, their nature prevents the person from being criticized from realizing that they are something other than perfect. This can represent the dark side of the Leo personality, though these traits are by no means restricted exclusively to Leos.

The Leo Personality

The stereotypical Leo personality characteristic is vanity, and vanity comes in two general flavors. The first is genuine vanity, in which the person really does believe that they are better than everyone else. This is probably the more difficult version, and generally requires some kind of massive, humbling experience for the person affected to have a paradigm shift. The other kind of vanity is vanity merely as a cover for a deeper insecurity, the way many Virgos use their perfectionism as a cover for a deeper insecurity. Like the Virgo, the Leo often allows this personality trait to steer them towards leadership roles where they can be the center of attention.

Leo Love

Because Leos always enjoy being the center of attention, and because they always wish to be seen as achievers, they may find romance with people similar to themselves. However, this can quickly create a conflict — when two Leos, or two people who behave likes Leos — love each other, which one will shine the brightest? This conflict can often split up otherwise happy couples.

Vanity and self-absorption are traits that can have very different origins. One is simply arrogance; the other is a hidden insecurity. These traits can be expressed in different ways by different people, but many Leos will find it difficult to work on these flaws because it may be difficult for them to admit that they have flaws. Keep in mind, though, that all Leos are different and that no two Leos have the same personality.

The Leo Man

A Leo man may be most comfortable as a leader of the pack. He probably enjoys performing in sports, or being the center of attention in some other capacity. He may be willing to take risks and do things he normally would not do in order to get the attention and the respect of others. A Leo man might seek out the most beautiful woman at a party, but mainly because he wants to be known as the kind of man who is able to talk to, and potentially woo, that kind of woman.

The Leo Woman

A Leo woman may enjoy being a performer as well. She may enjoy dancing, drama, cheerleading, or other activities that put her in the spotlight. This spotlight-seeking can be normal and healthy, but some people do it compulsively and create problems for themselves. Similar to the way many Aries use anger to cover up other emotions, Leos can use their “look at me!” moments to drown out their inner pains.

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