Aries Woman: Lesbian Compatibility

Aries Woman & Aries Woman

Two uncomplicated characters who need no validation. They agree that androgyny is a supreme state of being. There’s a goodly dose of narcissism wrapped in their desire. Mutual masturbation might be how it begins.

Aries Woman & Taurus Woman

A social pair, they want to see and be seen. Aries has that glow of good health; Taurus is fetching but unfussy. The Bull offers Aries the protection she herself usually seeks. Sex is earthy and orgiastic.

Aries Woman & Gemini Woman

A boarding-school scenario: Aries initiates Gemini, who is invariably infatuated with the Ram, allowing herself to try acts she’s only ever read about. In every aspect, Aries is the leader. In bed, there are no inhibitions.

Aries Woman & Cancer Woman

There’s a promise of hedonism here: Danger and excitement are the attraction. Together, they thrive on social spontaneity and serendipity. Sex, especially with a buzz, is mind-blowing. there’s a thrill in threesomes.

Aries Woman & Leo Woman

A warm, romantic, optimistic pair. Leo assumes the role of mentor. In the extreme, she’ll exploit her power over Aries, seeking ever more worship and obedience. But most often, it’s a keeper.

Aries Woman & Virgo Woman

They’re a joy to behold: Aries finds her ravishing, reverential consort. Artistic leanings are lovingly pursued, creative passions are sparked. Often, they’re joined at the hip. In bed, it’s Aries who’s pussy-whipped.

Aries Woman & Libra Woman

In the glint of each other’s eye, there’s a challenge: Who’s the more evolved sexual animal? Antagonistic from the start, they process tension as pent-up erotic aggression. Sex is each woman’s wildest.

Aries Woman & Scorpio Woman

Scorpio holds herself up as a prize—the role Aries ordinarily assumes. Tables turned, the Ram is floored with feelings for the sultry Scorpion sexpot. This all-consuming tie might not last, but it’s lusty

Aries Woman & Sagittarius Woman

Competitiveness creates a healthy sexual tension. Aries is the more overt character, Sag keeps her emotions uncharacteristically cached. Superficiality is a pitfall. Still, it’s a homey, cozy twosome.

Aries Woman & Capricorn Woman

Their learning curve is steep, but knowledge gained is power: Self-improvement takes precedence; individual pursuits are promoted. The infatuation lasts. Sex is rapturous—it’s all about worship.

Aries Woman & Aquarius Woman

At first, they hide their hook-up from others. But taboo is what keeps them tempted. Even when committed, this coupling remains one of the most erotic lesbian combinations. Raunchiness is de rigueur.

Aries Woman & Pisces Woman

With utterly unlike agendas, Aries and Pisces feel free to protect and promote each other’s pursuits. Together, life is richer. In bed, Pisces is the consummate femme fatale to the ardent, adoring Aries.

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