Unflattering Qualities ~ Fire signs ARIES, LEO, SAGITTARIUS

Unflattering Qualities ~ Aries

A warrior at heart, you thrive on challenges and any strife and dramas, you are tempted to stir things up, just to keep yourself happy. You are also rather intolerant of mistakes and don’t have patience for weakness or failings in others. And sometimes, you can be quite a snob as well you like to be seen at the right places or wear the right clothes. And you’re also prone to bossiness. Your restless nature may make you quit a project suddenly if you can’t sustain the interest.

Advice: Get off your high horse and pay your dues before people will accept you. Learn to be more tolerant of others and try to see the other person’s side of the story. If you believe in what you do, you can move mountains.

Unflattering Qualities ~ Leo

On the rare occasion when they lose their temper, they turn into  savage beasts. They always need an audience to help boost their confidence and ego.  They tend to constantly get caught up in the outward drams for their own life and neglect what they’re feeling on the inside.  They are proud, aggressive and cloak these tendencies in their charm.  When things don’t go their way, they get impatient and throw tantrums.

Advice: You should never base all of your expectations on what you should get, but rather base them on what you can give to, or do, for those who are in your sphere of influence. Then, you will be more peaceful and happy.

Unflattering Qualities ~ Sagittarius

They’ve got a big mouth and unwittingly hurt an insult people with it. They can even go to utter strangers and give unsolicited advice and comments. They make sore losers, even suspecting foul play if things don’t go their way. They have a knack for confrontation and can’t resist being sarcastic. They have a mild superiority complex with vanity served as a side dish.

Advice: Learn with whom you can be frank otherwise keep your comments to yourself. Discretion is the better part of valor. Curb your cockiness, and you can combine it with your concern for serious issues, aiding in your search for truth. Try not to exaggerate or be contentious with others as this could be embarrassing if they feel you are not trustworthy.


(via astro-news)