Signs a Pisces likes you

I feel…

Pay attention to a Pisces’ mood, as they can be sensitive and moody at times. To be able to decode exactly what a Pisces thinks, you must be incredibly observant and conscientious. Pisces can be hugely moody and extremely delicate. Even so, if a Pisces likes you, they’re more likely to share with you their emotions compared to hiding in the corner in gloom.

I like…

Pisces are often artistic, so if they share with you, they probably like you and trust your thoughts and opinions.  Pisceans are certainly imaginative, but they are inclined to hold on to their projects to themselves in contrast to exhibiting it to everyone. If, however, your Pisces has got the courage to show you poetry they’ve just penned or a painting work of art they’ve just completed, they could be allowing you into their private space and inviting your criticism. By and large, showing you their art suggests that they like you enough to be exposed.

My hopes, My dreams.

Notice if your Pisces confides their hopes and dreams in you. Pisces tend to have wild and lofty imaginations, and confiding their dreams and ambitions in you is a sure sign that they like you. Pisces are recognized to have untamed, elaborate imaginations, high hopes and wonderful dreams. If your Pisces explains to you what they intend to do in their life and asks you about your goals, there’s a considerable chance that they likes you. A Pisces who is totally prepared to confide their hopes to you adores you, and finds you trustworthy and trustworthy. Ask Pisces about their ambitions too, massage their ego, and you’re bound to be dating quickly enough.


Pisces values space, but they allow people who find themselves near to them to invade it. If Pisces lets you hold their hands, embrace them, or give them a kiss on the cheek, this is usually a significant hint that they may take a liking to you. If, in contrast, they attempt to discreetly drive you away or resists contact, this Pisces may wish to be good friends with you. 

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