Signs a Libra likes you

Takes the initiative

Libras don’t usually initiate conversations. The reasons being, they might be unsure of the reaction of the particular girl/boy in interest or they’re still sizing you up from a distance. This is just one of the major traits of a Libra, indecision.

But if a conversation does initiate, it can be pretty obvious soon enough if they like you or not. They’ll usually be really sweet and compliment you on things they’ve been noticing about you, during their observations.

An important thing to note is to always give them some breathing space. Try not to be too receptive. Make it known to Libra that you do like them but also make them work for it. They’ll go all the way, if they really do like you.

Passivity and Eye Contact

Once committed Libras are very loyal; but until committed they can stay in indecision for some time. You may have to stay friends and be prepared to wait. If Libra is interested, their eye contact will be good, and they will have lots of ideas and be a bright spark with lots of things to say. If they are not interested they will be very passive.

Tell me about your Life

Libras are friendly/flirtatious with everyone.  Being that they’re naturally curious, they will show interest in you by digging into your personal life. If Libra is focused on getting to know you on a personal and even deep level they like you.  As they are so pure, you may see it in their eyes, they wouldn’t be able to hide it.


Despite all the lovely information I have presented, one must not forget Libras are players! They are so sweet one day, but when they know the girl/boy is falling for them, their sweetness dissolves. It’s like think they want all the girls/boys to fall for them, and when they achieve that, their ego has been bolstered

Keep them begging for MORE

Show them interest one day, and than be completely indifferent the next day. You wanna know why? Because Libras very rarely are challenged, therefore they’ll be completely intrigued.  Make sure you keep a Libra hanging on your every word.

I also think that part of the reason Libras have a reputation as being players is that deep down they really don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings, and so they try to please everyone and they never seem to learn that if you don’t like someone it’s okay to say “no” instead of leading them on. I think a Libra worries more about rejecting someone outright than the harm they are doing by leading someone on when they don’t feel the same way.

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