Signs a Sagittarius likes you

Speaks openly

If Sagittarius can openly speak about the future with you, even if it’s just tomorrow and having dinner, then take note: there’s more to their feelings than just being your buddy.  This is not the guy who likes to make plans, because their Sag’s attitude is go with the flow—so know your eyebrow should be raised if they’re ensuring time with you.

Still around?

Sagittarius wasn’t born with a poker face.  If they’re happy with you, they’ll keep responding.  If unhappy, their mind will glaze over for a short period and then move on.  Therefore, if Sagittarius is still around after a few weeks you know for sure they’re into you.  Sagittarius can easily decipher whether they like a person or not. And they’ll drop you like a hot potato. 

Hey babe, let’s go somewhere

The ultimate tip-off of his seriousness is if he wants to travel with you.  

If Sagittarius likes you, you’ll know it

Sagittarius keeps a fast pace and is always moving toward the ultimate satisfaction.  Sag doesn’t do anything he doesn’t like or want to; they’re fiercely independent and worships their freedom.  Not the kinda person to get tied down, they’ll only stay somewhere if they want to! Plus, they’re immune to guilt and their blunt style doesn’t make them the most polite either, so rest assure if your Sag is hanging around it’s because they’re digging you. 

Tip 1—Mystery and aloofness

Sagittarius is ruled by the planet Jupiter. They are philosophical people and like puzzles. Don’t get me wrong here. You’re not supposed to act all weird and zoned out but being aloof should do the trick. Mysterious is NOT the same as weird.

Tip 2— Be confident. Flirt. Be fun. Be unpredictable.

We all know Sagittarians are happy people. No Sagittarius wants to hang out with a gloomy individual. Smile. Laugh at their jokes. Try to engage him in a light conversation.  Confidence takes people a long way.  Sounds pretty generic. But physical appearance is very important to any guy. Especially to a Sagittarian. 

Overall, Sagittarius do not easily commit.  As a free spirit, Sag is a person that likes to play and that means playing with whomever and wherever.  They thrive on freedom and spontaneity, and connecting with mass amounts of people.  Yet despite it all, they’re generally a believer in soul mates, and at the end of the day all Sag’s carousing around is ultimately their journey to find their spiritual mater who can take them to the next level of love and understanding.  Until they find that magic combo of depth, spirituality, spontaneity, independence, and a never-ending listener to believe, support, spread, and add to their rhetoric, they’ll do as they please to have themselves a good ole time.

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