Signs an Aquarius Likes You

Despite feeling Mr./Mrs. Aqua likes you, he acts as though he doesn’t 

It’s when he acts as though he doesn’t like you that he’s close to being hooked, and the reason is elementary- simple logic. An Aquarian doesn’t want to reveal their true feelings, in spite of their favorite pastime of penetrating the feelings of others. Their own reactions and motives are complex, and they intend to keep them that way for the pure pleasure of fooling you. Many strange experiences will come to this man/woman, through both love and friendship, and they’ll scrutinize each one avidly. Until you get Aqua to the altar, you’re just another experience, another experiment, hard as that may be to take. Don’t sniffle. He can be tricked, for all his caution. But before you start tricking them, you’d better try to understand how to cope with their unique outlook about people.  


Aqua has their subtle ways of telegraphing their feelings, and they can be enormously frustrating-especially when their unique, private communication signals a green go light while they publicly keep holding out a red stop light until they’re ready to switch.  


Aqua is a group man, and teamwork comes naturally to him/her. Aquarius understands the fair play rules of sports as if he had invented them, and they carry these rules into their personal relationships. Their interests are scattered all over the place. That’s because their love of people is so impersonal.

However, once the shock is over… 

Once Aqua’s over the shock that he’s allowed himself to become interested in one woman above all of mankind, he can be an extremely considerate lover. The danger area is before he’s over the shock. Since Aquarians are so accustomed to neglecting their own problems in the interest of the majority, hopefully some of this attitude will rub off on his love life.  Seriously, do NOT be discouraged that Aqua gives you mixed signals or you feel as if they don’t want you.  They just have a reallly difficult time expressing how they feel.  Often times they’ll display their true feelings when it’s too late.  

Little late there buddy..

The chances are just as good that Aqua will suddenly realize they’re devoting their complete loyalty to you when there are all those other nameless faces out there who need him. Then they may lean over backwards to prove to themselves that they haven’t lost their love for their friends and the rest of humanity by being attached to just one person.

Tip 1—Mystery

Forever analyzing, the Aquarian will frequently ask themselves, “I wonder what she/he meant by that?” They won’t rest until they find out either. A puzzle drives him simply wild and don’t be fooled by his nonchalance. When Aqua senses something is hidden, they just won’t sleep at night until they unraveled the mystery and penetrated the veil.  The girl/guy who wants to land him eventually has first to intrigue him.  When a female/male either ignores Aqua or keeps their own counsel, in the beginning at least, his eyes will open” a little wider and Aqua will get an alert expression, amazingly like that of a bloodhound on the scent of something missing.

Ultimately, to know where you are without a doubt, there’s only one place you can look for 100 percent reassurance— Aquarius’ friends.  They’re Aqua’s board of directors, and only when you pass through their judgment does Aqua safely give themselves over.

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