Keynote: Original and unusual ideas arise out of the unconscious mind.

Symbol: An intelligent woman conducts a panel discussion on television.

Those with this placing are magnetically attractive, yet send out signals suggesting they are cool and distant, and don’t want the rest of us to come too close. It is only when we break through this brittle, bright but some-what frosty barrier that we actually experience the characteristics of the Sun, and eventually the Ascendant, sign. It is as if, in some ways, they are on the defensive, and want to appear enigmatic and mysterious.

The flow of emotion is very controlled, although if anyone needs help they are likely to respond immediately and want to do as much as possible, just like their Aquarius Sun sign cousins. The reasons for helping can be severely practical, and they will at once see a way through any difficulties that may cloud the issue for the person in trouble.

The unpredictability of Aquarius will be seen when they are confronted with any aspect of life that could be considered controversial. The reaction may be totally unexpected, and quite different from what was anticipated. Similarly, they may take an unexpected line of action, on the spur of the moment, that is completely out of character with other areas of their personality. In retrospect, they may have problems attempting to justify this to themselves.

Anything glamorous will strongly appeal. Moon/Aquarius also have a romantic streak. However, this is detached, and the way emotions are expressed, especially in love (as opposed to strong feelings relating to worldly issues) must be assessed from the positions of Venus and Mars.

Originality and often a spark of genius are present. Sudden bright ideas should be acted upon and carried through to completion. If stubbornness is shown in the positions and aspects of the other planets, it could become a serious problem, for it will not blend happily with a tendency to unpredictability. Nervous tension can also cause problems, the likelihood of which will be affected by the influence of Uranus in the birth chart.

The humanitarian qualities of Aquarius, linked with kindness, will be very evident and contribute much that is positive in this individual’s character.

People having the Moon in Aquarius are endowed with the divine gift of imagination. Their capacity to visualize can cause them to fear the worst, but it also gives wings to their inventive genius. They understand the meaning of the axiom ‘Energy follows thought’, and instinctively respect the power of ideas to produce changes in circumstances.

Many of the lunar Aquarian’s most inspired insights come directly from the realm of the unconscious. As they learn to plumb their own psyche, they may release unsuspected creative forces. These images and concepts may take so powerful a grip upon the mind that one begins to feel more like their instrument than their originator.

In the fixed sign Aquarius, the restlessness of the ever-changing Moon is stabilized and its sympathies are broadened. Human inconsistencies can be viewed in a broadly detached manner. Although lunar Aquarians themselves usually appear to be sensible and well-adjusted, they can understand people who are not. Yet they become deeply involved in the causes they espouse and will throw caution to the winds when the necessity arises to voice their opinions.

They are original, not because they say what no one has ever said before, but because they say exactly what they think. Occasionally, they appear more radical than they are, simply because people are not used to such plain speaking.

Since these individuals like to vent unusual ideas, they are often found in professions such as writing, film making, and public relations where they can influence people’s minds. Every so often they like to surprise and shock an audience in order to shake them out of their complacency. They want to jolt others into an awareness of current happenings even though the process may prove painful.

Lunar Aquarians are as broad-minded as their solar counterparts and can apply their scientific personality to the study of human problems. Men of this type tend to hold themselves aloof and are frequently misunderstood. Women may be too intellectual and independent to seem completely feminine unless other influences compensate for the lack of softness in their nature.

Both sexes are liable to suffer from physical and mental tension if they allow themselves to be over-stimulated by the energies which course through their nervous system.

This combination often engenders an interest in astrology, metaphysics, parapsychology, occultism, and all manner of arcane subjects. There is a preoccupation with the strange and unusual, not for the sake of novelty seeking, but because of a genuine desire to understand the whys and wherefores of existence.

The Aquarian seldom accepts the limitations that others take for granted. Their fundamental faith in man and nature assures them that the human mind is capable of uncovering the most startling secrets of the universe, and that nothing is too amazing to be real.

The lunar Aquarian seldom craves to be a master over men. They want to illumine minds not dominate them. They value their liberty too highly to want to interfere with the liberty of someone else.

The Aquarian age has already demonstrated that modern scientific technology can set man free from the drudgery of menial chores and provide the leisure to explore the widening vistas of outer and inner space. It is also demonstrating that true democracy is a system which cannot be sustained by Saturnian laws alone.

Each citizen must undergo a Uranian transformation of mind and heart which enables them, through the planetarization of their consciousness, to envision a society of freely cooperating groups and nations. Only then can the Aquarian ideal become a reality.

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