How the Signs handle Awkward Situations


Aries- When Aries gets in an awkward situation they are totally thrown off, they don’t expect anything to go wrong for them. When faced with these bad situations they take the comment or action(s) head on by making the other person feel embarrassed with a comment or justifying their embarrassment.

Taurus- When things get awkward for Taurus they usually change the subject or act like they didn’t hear anything, will turn away, or walk away.

Gemini- A Gemini can have two reactions to embarrassment, they could either play it off as a joke or they might get really, really angry.

Cancer- When Cancer falls into an awkward situation they want to crawl up under their blanket and hide, but thankfully most Cancer’s are good at coming up with distractions.

Leo- When Leo gets into these kinds of things they either use humor or somehow influence the situation to make them look okay or even better.

Virgo- Virgo is the type of person when in an awkward situation to say “wow this is awkward” or “that was uncomfortable”.

Libra- When a Libra runs into embarrassment they immediately leave. You will never hear them talk about it. They will probably claim they forgot or have no idea what you are talking about if you bring up the incident.

Scorpio- If you embarrass a Scorpio they come right back with something just as dreadful. Secretly they died a little inside and probably won’t like you for a while.

Sagittarius- A Sagittarius doesn’t care when they are stuck in an awkward situation, they will probably own up to what is happening.

Capricorn- A Capricorn may try to laugh off an awkward situation however a lot of times they just answer it with silence.

Aquarius- This sign will get very frustrated when stuck in an awkward situation. They won’t say much and you can just feel their anger.

Pisces- A Pisces will use humor or rudeness to get out of their awkward situations. Sometimes they can go too far and straight up insult another person.

Five Zodiac Facts For Each Zodiac Sign:
10 traits of Cancer-Leo Cusp

SOURCE: rantalongeverybody

1) You like tradition. You have a lot of pride for your ancestral past. You like to know where you came from so you know where you will be going.

2) The Cancer energy in you agrees with your Leo energy when it comes to family. You are nurturing, they are likely nurturing and there is a lot of love and care in your inner circle.

3) You are truly the Lion (or Lioness) defending their pride. Let someone try to hurt a loved one and you are having a bad day already… try to give them a running start before you pounce. It is only polite.

4) You have an excellent sense of organization and are very dependent. If you are working on something, you will always see it through to completion. You work ethic is often inspiring to some.

5) Though you are emotional, you can be rather sensitive and that is thanks to your Cancer energy and its affinity with the moon. Do not forget that you are also part Leo, the sun shines brightly on you.

6) Being that you represent both sun and moon, night and day – you have this unbelievable way of understanding life. You see so much in the details that many people overlook.

7) Pleasure is something you find very important. Sex is awesome, shopping is good and looking in the mirror is even better.

8) Speaking of pleasure, wow can you cook! Can I come over for dinner?

9) You like fantasy. You imagine yourself wearing the many hats of life. Your imagination is strengthen by your cancer energy; it fuels your drive that is strengthened by your Leo energy and gives you that boost to explore all life has to offer. You are the one that jumps head first into anything worthwhile.

10) This combination can always top the charts in romance, generosity, creativity and devotion.

The Rumblr’s in-house astrologer, Madame Clairevoyant, presents her latest dispatch from the stars:

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Aries: This week you might finding yourself working very hard to combat bad feelings, to dispel loneliness. This week, try to wake up early, try to stay up late, try to eat very well. Try to live inside small shining moments with your friends. Your bad feelings are yours and they’re bound to you and they’ll live with you forever; this is okay. The things you do this week to try to be better than your worst feelings, these are the things that will help you and hold you and keep you alive.

Taurus: This week, the world’s going to give you the freedom to do unimaginably weird things. This week, the world will give you a little space to breathe. This week, the world’ll turn a blind eye and let you be your own strange self in ways that are thrilling, ways that scare you. It’s a great kindness and a great danger to be given so much space to live your own life, to talk loudly, to speak in your own voice. This week, be gentle to the people you love, while you revel in this wild luxury. Listen to X.

Gemini: This week, your thoughts are going to become very clear and they’re going to become very focused. This week, your brain is going to carry you closer and closer to the center of things, to the core of the earth, to the stripped-down essence of the world you live in. This week’s going to be about clear vision, about learning to live inside a world that looks new. This week’s going to be about big elegant truths and (equally, achingly) about feelings of love that are small and fragile and green. Listen to Thao Nguyen.

Cancer: This week, do things that make you feel like you’re dangerous, things that make you feel like you’re flying. This week, you can find a dizzy optimism in bravery, in talking to strangers or going out alone or showing your heart on the bus, in the office, in the grocery store. If you open yourself up this week, if you pretend to be brave, the world will fill you with a strong and sunny confidence. It’ll show you wild new things; it will carry you through this whole season. Listen to TLC.

Leo: This week, as you move through the small, strange everyday-ness of your life, you’ll find yourself searching for ways to make your world safer, ways to make your world more whole. It can be heartbreaking, it can feel like defeat, when things are (even a little bit) rough or dark or cruel. As you move through the commonplaces of your life, try not to worry—try to just keep working. Find a few warm days. Sit on the porch and write letters and listen to old songs and drink tea with someone you love. Read Banana Yoshimoto.

Virgo: This week, spend time in spaces that are quiet, spend time in places that are bright, spend time in spaces that are expansive and alive. Go to places that are quiet, places that are clear, places where you can hear your brain moving, where you can recognize yourself. Feel how the silence echoes around inside you and feel how your own voice echoes through the air. This week you’re going to get your best work done in silence; you’re going to have ideas that are brilliant and wild and true. Listen to Yoko Ono. Think about the sky.

Libra: This week’s the things you know about the world are going to get a little looser, getting wilder. This is a week for walking as far as you can through places you know and places you don’t, down streets that smell like grass, ones that smell like concrete. It’s a week for moving through places you know and seeing the newness, the weirdness, the wild contrasts and balances. Live in the contrasts, this week, live in the balances. Live in the airy space between your dreams and your breakfast.

Scorpio: This week’s going to be filled with deep rumbling echoes of your past selves and your future worlds. It’s going to be filled with remnants of things that are gone and shadows of things that are coming to protect you and haunt you and love you. Your world is about to crack, it’s about to explode into colors. This week’s going to prepare you for the past, show you the future. This week, sleep in late, stare at the ceiling, peer out the window. Feel the earth moving slowly underneath your feet, singing to you, telling you secrets. Read Shirley Jackson.

Sagittarius: This week, it’s going to be very important for you not to be afraid, not to run scared from your own pleasure. This week is a good week to indulge in ice cream, in trips to the beach, in love, in loneliness. Skip school, call in sick to work, and spend the day in your backyard or looking up at the sky or on the phone with your sister or cooking something good. These are the things that feed you; these are the things that keep you strong and solid and whole. Listen to pop albums. Listen to songs that make you cry.

Capricorn: This week you’re going to feel growth rumbling around inside you. You’re going to feel it like a buzz, like an ache, like a sign of strange futures to come. It’s going to be a week of emotions becoming solid in your body, becoming physical, turning into muscle and bone and guts and fingernails. It’s going to feel weird, it’s going to feel uncomfortable, it’s going to feel like your old clothes don’t fit (maybe your old thoughts too). Sit with this for a little bit. Drive around your neighborhood and listen to Beyoncé. Get lots of sleep.

Aquarius: This week is going to be good to you. This week, you’re going to feel so powerful and so happy and so right, that it’ll be unnerving if you think about it too much, scary if you look at it too closely. This week, when things are most golden and most bright, it’s going to be easy to convince yourself that you don’t deserve this, easy to convince yourself that you should throw it all away. Don’t. Go to your friends’ house for dinner and laugh and dance and wash the dishes. Walk home at night and dream about rivers.

Pisces: This week’s going to be a week of exposures, a week of peeling back layers, a week of remembering dreams and stories and parts of yourself you’ve forgotten. It’s going to be a week of reading the whole history of your life, written in the layers of emotion you uncover, like old coats of paint, like rock formations. It’s going to be a week for cleaning your room and organizing your bookshelves and honoring the strange emotional history of your strange complicated self. Listen to old mixtapes. Read Marilynne Robinson.

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Capricorn And Money

CAPRICORN MONEY: Capricorn’s are represented by the Billy Goat. Have you ever gone to the zoo and seen the Billy Goats? If you are a Capricorn, watching a Billy Goat will give you tremendous insight into your business and money tendencies. Make a special trip to the zoo to watch these interesting animals climb the rocks. Rarely will you see the Billy Goat climb, instead you’ll just find him standing there on a tiny itty bitty piece of level rock sticking out of a bigger piece of rock. They just stand there looking around until they decide to ascend further. This is because they are extremely cautious creatures and will not make a move until they have thought it through and caught their breath.

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How the Signs react to EARTH SIGNS
Aries: I hear you, but I’m not… caring?
Taurus: Oh cool bro, yeah you’re cool with me, yeah…
Gemini: I guess I just don’t see any… spark? Know what I’m saying?
Leo: Who the hell are you?
Virgo: Finally, people that don’t make me want to kill myself.
Libra: Wanna go smoke some weed bro? Right on!
Scorpio: Hmmm, I don’t feel the need to murder you, interesting…
Sagittarius: OH YOU GUYS ARE COOL *whispers* but kind of boring…
Capricorn: I feel at peace with myself, this is unusual…
Aquarius: Whatever floats your boat.
Pisces: Finally people who are sensitive to my feelings, you guys rock!


Mercury in Earth Signs

Critical Thinking

It is common for Indigo Children to have Mercury in an Earth sign: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn.

They ask a lot of questions, question the answers they are given and formulate their own thoughts for a final answer.

This plays a big role in how Indigos search for the truth and stay skeptical to anything which seems ‘conforming’, politics in particular.


Taurus the Ecological Majesty

The second sign of the zodiac, Taurus is very much about the anchor into the shore. As the fixed modality of the Earth triplicy, Taureans are the ‘earthiest earth sign’ and cultivate their roots richer and deeper than any other zodiac. With their demonstrative focus, dependable nature and durability, Taurus truly is the steady foundation to which we build everything upon.

Their connection to the ecology of the Earth is reflected in their physiology; Taureans are the most fertile sign of the zodiac. Like the deep roots of historic trees which cement their presence in our environment; Taureans are attached and deeply grounded souls who simply refuse to let anything go. This can also include, sadly, those traumatic and painful memories. One of the great talents of Taurus is the ability to sustain jobs, relationships, and sense of security, they put roots down in one place, and make it their own, and they are over-endowed with common sense.

Like the Earth; Taureans work to their own natural time frame and  rhythms. While other signs will fall to the way side, Taurus will generate more energy as they keep going. They live in worlds of their own where the clocks of reality bear little weight; Taureans know what is excellent endures. 

As a child of Venus, Taureans navigate the world through their senses. The fresh air of nature, trees, flowers and wildlife is extremely therapeutic and stimulating for them. They are often acutely sensitive to the seasons and weather changes. There is a real need for contact with nature, which and many Taureans fill the roles of farmers, gardeners, horticulturists or artists who use natural materials. One of the male images of Taurus is that of the green man, the male fertility principle.

Source: astrolocherry

Earth signs

Unlike fire signs, these signs aren’t as bold and firey. They are grounded, calm, slower moving, and Earth-like. They are more practical and have a pretty good grip on the world.

Of course, they could be greedy and either too stubborn or changeable. Earth signs might be a bit negative and their patience can leave them to hold it in until they can’t anymore.

Earth signs are Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn.


Scents For the Signs:
Aries: Musk and Sandalwood for the adventurous and energetic born leaders.

Taurus: Patchouli and Oakmoss for the traditional, practical, talented artist.

Gemini: Vetiver and Jasmine for the curious and imaginative communicator.

Cancer: Sandalwood and Rose for the reliable, gentle and friendly caretaker

Leo: Rose and Jasmine for the graceful and dignified, one with a royal character.

Virgo: Frankincense and Sandalwood for the orderly and loyal serving friend.

Libra: Orange Blossom and Rose Geranium for the harmonious, charming and calm mediator.

Scorpio: Cinnamon and Jasmine for the shy and reserved, passionate lover.

Sagittarius: Clove and Patchouli for the idealistic and adventurous freedom fighter.

Capricorn: Myrrh and Violet for the faithful,ambitious, and determined person.

Aquarius: Violet & Vanilla for the eccentric and intuitive great thinkers.

Pisces: Amber and Sandalwood for the mysterious & emotional, those with a soft heart.

Source: astraltwelve

To Woo an Aries Woman~

The Aries woman is quick to anger, but quick to let it go, too. She’s generous with those she loves, and thrives on inspiration. If she’s bored, it’ll show, and that’s a slippery slope to an abrupt end.

The Aries nature is to be very animated and self-directed. She wants to know she can stand on her own two feet. She responds to encouragement, but isn’t big on sentimental, emotion-laden attention. She’s quick and passionate, and will come alive if you are too.

If you’re someone with your own big dreams, and the will to make them happen, that’ll pique her interest. If she suspects you want to control, smother or any other way put out her fire, she’ll want out. A good match is someone who is confident in his masculinity, and isn’t freaked out by a woman wholly self-centered (centered within herself).

Source: deadonhoroscopes (Make sure to follow them!)


We  hope you learned your lesson. We also kind of hope that the other signs beat the crap out of you. How’s that “manuscript” coming? Dick.


Okay, so you have to be a little more careful with your younger costumers. On the plus side, you look REAL cute in your neck brace! Plus people are less likely to ask you to get stuff for them in your current state. You get to just sit behind the cash register, reading comic books and telling people how much you hate certain comic styles all day long. This is still SOOOO much better than that annoying CEO position.


You rushed from your hipster party to try and find where your boss went with Sagittarius. You just knew something bad would happen (although you kind of called attention to Sagittarius’s hipsteryness so you sort of made it happen). You know this whole thing is kind of your fault (yes we agree!). You let your boss roam free killing hipsters and only acted passively (not to mention the whole outing your friend thing!!!). Luckily you think you know where the boss might have taken them!!!


Okay so Aquarius is crying and has locked themselves in their room shouting that they never want to speak to you again. You didn’t know Aquarius was so obsessed with their little toy collection. It’s okay, you know how to make everything better! You’ll make them some of your favorite peanut butter chocolate chip cookies for the next time they try to step out of their room.


So Scorpio was all “Assless chaps” and you thought they meant it in a sexual way. You got all like…mentally prepared. Now you really like assless chaps. I mean, it turned out Scorpio just wanted to humiliate you  but umm…that seems to have backfired. Wow Leo…there are some things we should just not have to know about you…this is one of them…


D’awww, Stormaggedon, dark lord of all, really likes his new name. (We call him Stormy for short.) Looks like Mr. Dark Lord of All needs a nap. (Who needs a nap? Do you need a nap? AWWW! Cranky butt! Yous a cutesy wootsy Stormy! Yes you is!) You decide to tell him a story. Here. Let Auny Rissa help. Ahem: Ariana handed me the computer! I think I’m supposed to type things, then. Okay! Once upon a time a there was this person who didn’t like taking naps! And they tried to go ALL THEIR LIFE without taking naps. Also they thought that sleeping at night was a nap. Everything was a nap to them. So they never slept and were terribly cranky and died because you can die from not sleeping! Oh no why is the baby crying?! Virgo! Do something about this!


WOO DISNEYLAND!!!! You went on ALL your favourite rides, like TEN TIMES. Except that’s an exaggeration obviously because it’s spring break and everyone and their mother is at Disneyland right now, goddamn it Libra stop lying to us. I mean, I’m not on Spring Break yet, well actually I am NOW because I had my last class this afternoon which was nice because we watched a movie! It was about Chinese concubines and it was actually really good but really sad. Wait…Disneyland, right. Okay Libra, we’ll forgive your exaggeration about the whole ten times thing, but only if you snag Mickey’s autograph.


Ugh…how does EVERYTHING manage to backfire on you? Nothing ever goes right… (Okay hold up a second Scorpio, that’s a bit of an overstatement coming from the person who still hasn’t been apprehended for drugging their friends, selling Cancer to drug lords and kidnapping Leo! Honestly, everything you do manages to work out in your favor so maybe you should quit bitching. So your friend found something new they enjoy. It’s just a little “unconventional”. But that’s who they are. Suck it up Scorpio.)


This guy seriously goes on and on about frigging hipsters. Whatever, you’ve wanted to hit a few pretentious people in your time but you didn’t hate an entire subculture so badly that you went on a mass killing spree. Sure you killed murderers but that’s not the point. (Wait! Maybe you shouldn’t be judging other people’s outlets. You know…those in homicidal houses should….probably get the hell out. Where was that metaphor going? Probably a reference to Rose Red again…..jeeze. We go off topic a lot, don’t we? Oh right, Sagittarius is being held captive by a murderer…maybe we should get back to that…) You glance out the window, as the murderer is going off on not understanding what the hell dubstep is, and see Gemini. They make some ridiculous hand motions before you realize they’re here to rescue you. Oh shit. No. Please no. Gemini, nothing you do ever turns out okay. Please don’t help.


It’s okay Capricorn. Sometimes you just have to hit rock bottom before the healing can begin. In this case…rock bottom was a little more literal than others since you chased your invisible gnome friend off the edge of a cliff (to be fair, our limericks probably didn’t help keep you all that lucid all things considered). But hey, we’re here for you…now. I mean, we’re not checking you into rehab, we all saw how well that went for Taurus, but…we’ll figure something out…


HOW?!? HOW DID CANCER BREAK HALF OF YOUR TRANSFORMER COLLECTION IN LESS THAN A MINUTE?!?! HOW?!?! You think you might never stop crying! You’ve been collecting these your whole life and…and…great, you need to get some tissues and you’re out. As soon as you step out of the door Cancer thrusts a big old plate of cookies at you and tells you they’re “vewy sowwy”. Oh…well, you suppose you can’t stay mad at the little idiot. And these cookies…ahem…they um…wow. Breathing is getting difficult. *koff koff* What um…what’s in these? Your throat is starting to swell up. Oh crap.


Okay so yesterday was weird. It was like waking up in a musical and being the only one who thinks it’s weird. The only person aware that singing ISN’T the norm. It was a life changing experience. Not that you’re going to DO anything about this or that it was really all that life changing, to be honest. You just like to be melodramatic and feel special. Congrats on doing both, ya drama queen.

Sun Sign Compatibility: Aries

Aries + Aries: This can be one of the most challenging partnerships in the zodiac. The dominate/masculine nature of both signs and their inherent sexuality draw them to one another. They will have heated arguments, but even hotter sex. If both can be mindful of their over-sized egos, and learn to work together rather than competing with one another, then this love could last a lifetime. 

Aries + Taurus: Not likely to be a calm pairing. Aries is full of energy and loves to provoke, while Taurus is contemplative and slow to action. Aries prefers mad, passionate sex, while Taurus enjoys a night of long, sensual lovemaking. But Taurus is the most patient of all the signs, and can entertain Aries’ fiery nature and demands for attention. It’ll take some work, but there’s potential here.

Aries + Gemini: An exciting, adventurous pairing. Aries’ physical stamina combines with Gemini’s mental energies to produce hot sex, fun times, and a magnetic rapport. However, be wary of the dangers: while both possess tremendous endurance, they risk overextending the relationship and burning out early. Aries, who is jealous by nature, must not attempt to restrain freedom-loving Gemini.

Aries + Cancer: A pair that can surely bring the heat in the bedroom. So long as Aries shows affection, Cancer will oblige all his carnal desires. But Cancer is not comfortable with extremes, and Aries’ fiery and unpredictable emotions unsettle him. The sex may be hot, but in the longrun Aries is likely to find Cancer too worrisome, rambling, and evasive. 

Aries + Leo: A union that approaches perfection. Leo will be enticed by Aries’ aggression and charm, and Aries will show Leo his vulnerable side. In the bedroom, a rare occurrence: Aries surrenders his dominance to Leo. And so long as Aries remembers to flatter and stoke the legendary Leonine pride, Leo will take him to the heights of sexual ecstasy. But remember: both of these signs demand attention, and should one feel neglected or overlooked by the other, heads will roll. However, if both can manage their egos, then King Leo will make Aries his prince, and together they’ll rule the galaxy. 

Aries + Virgo: A volatile combination. Virgo’s critical nature will often incite Aries’ temper. Sexually, their personalities are very different. For Aries, sex is mad passion and reckless abandon. Virgo cannot lose himself in sex the same way as Aries, and will not respond well to sexual demands. Virgo might allow Aries to take the lead, but that doesn’t mean he’ll follow. This pairing will work best if Aries can help Virgo to free his sexuality.

Aries + Libra: Aries will be attracted to Libra’s good style, friendliness, and compassion. Still, Libra can frustrate Aries with his inability to make decisions. Ruled by Mars and Venus respectively, these two were destined to be lovers. Libra likes his sex just the same as Aries: hot, sweaty, yet playful. However, Aries must keep in mind that he possesses much more energy than Libra, who tires easily. So long as Aries can avoid losing patience with his idle mate, this is a beautiful match.

Aries + Scorpio: Youthful Aries must be on guard in this pairing, as he is entering dark Water sign territory. Aries’ sexuality, while intense, is naive compared to what Scorpio is capable of. Aries might not understand why he so willingly surrenders control to Scorpio, feeling as though he were hypnotized or bewitched. Aries’ ego is brash, but he is the babe of the zodiac, newborn and fresh. Scorpio is the Dark Prince, and he’ll not tolerate Arian tantrums. Proceed with caution.  

Aries + Sagittarius: These two share a very common sex drive. Both enjoy spontaneity, and prefer a carefree type of love. But Sagittarius is known to roam, and Aries is prone to fits of jealousy, which complicates their union. If Sagittarius can teach Aries to become a less selfish lover, then this could develop into a promising relationship.

Aries + Capricorn: A quirky pairing. Capricorn is driven by ambition and success, and Aries can teach him to appreciate the lighter moments in life. Likewise, Capricorn can help Aries to mature and become less impulsive. Their sex might not set off fireworks, but if each can learn lessons from his lover’s more desirable traits, then this could develop into a union with some promise. 

Aries + Aquarius: Both of these signs love to buck society’s traditions and mores. Aries is possessive by nature, but somehow tolerates Aquarius’ free spirit. Aquarius’ independence intrigues Aries, who loves the challenge of a sexual conquest. Aries is a passionate lover, but with Aquarius he must remember to experiment, lest his lover lose interest. Perhaps not a perfect pairing as sex and love are concerned, but these two do make ideal candidates for BFFs.

Aries + Pisces: These two are neighbors on the Wheel, and something in each fascinates the other. As the most passive sign, Pisces is intrigued by Aries’ aggressive nature. This translates into the bedroom, where Pisces will gladly submit to all of Aries’ fantasies. Pisces’ admiration of Aries’ supposed strength will entice the latter. But Aries must not allow Pisces’ passivity to bring out his bullying and selfish nature. If they can avoid falling into master-slave roles, then this can become a majestic union.

Aries & The First Sign of the Zodiac
Much can be said about Aries first position in the zodiac circle. Thanks to this, many adopt the attitude ‘Me first!’ and are concerned with themselves first and foremost. Aries must be the first to light the new pathways, skydive from that height, climb that unclimbable mountain and drink all that vodka without passing out. If someone says it can’t be done, the innate reflex of Aries is to prove them wrong.
Aries are not short of passion and self assertion. They are full of energy and initiation and are notoriously untactful, but don’t expect an apology, everything happened the way it should have. Aries people go directly for their goals. They don’t mean to be offensive; it just happens that way sometimes. They rush in where angels fear tread and feel no greater sense of accomplishment then when they are at the top.
As the starters of the zodiac, Aries are tremendous at starting things. They get manic impulses and burst of energies when beginning new tasks but these soon wear off. They possess a clean and clear vibration, as they are untainted my any other zodiac signs. 
Aries will be the first to back you up if you are in need. Aries are  the first people to try something, the first to break away, the first to dream and the last to finish. If you can see past the aggression and energy underneath is a very naive and innocent new soul who is untainted by fear or consequences, as the zodiac’s children, Aries are more vulnerable than they will ever admit. We have to look after our zodiac babies, they need our protection, and even if they would never let us know it, we can watch out for them in more subtle ways, and ways they will in the end, appreciate.

Aries & The First Sign of the Zodiac

Much can be said about Aries first position in the zodiac circle. Thanks to this, many adopt the attitude ‘Me first!’ and are concerned with themselves first and foremost. Aries must be the first to light the new pathways, skydive from that height, climb that unclimbable mountain and drink all that vodka without passing out. If someone says it can’t be done, the innate reflex of Aries is to prove them wrong.

Aries are not short of passion and self assertion. They are full of energy and initiation and are notoriously untactful, but don’t expect an apology, everything happened the way it should have. Aries people go directly for their goals. They don’t mean to be offensive; it just happens that way sometimes. They rush in where angels fear tread and feel no greater sense of accomplishment then when they are at the top.

As the starters of the zodiac, Aries are tremendous at starting things. They get manic impulses and burst of energies when beginning new tasks but these soon wear off. They possess a clean and clear vibration, as they are untainted my any other zodiac signs.

Aries will be the first to back you up if you are in need. Aries are  the first people to try something, the first to break away, the first to dream and the last to finish. If you can see past the aggression and energy underneath is a very naive and innocent new soul who is untainted by fear or consequences, as the zodiac’s children, Aries are more vulnerable than they will ever admit. We have to look after our zodiac babies, they need our protection, and even if they would never let us know it, we can watch out for them in more subtle ways, and ways they will in the end, appreciate.

Pisces and Dating

What it’s Like to Date a Pisces Woman:

Pisces women are very captivating and fascinating. She makes a man feel like a man because of her need for a protector and leader. She is charming, soft and feminine. The ultimate enchantress. She can see right through a man and she is not easy to fool, so any man better be straight with her and not lead her on, because instead of confronting him, she will simply disappear. She needs to nurture and will give the man orders, but only for his own good. She will make sure he is eating properly and getting enough sleep, sort of like a mother nurturing a child. What she needs in return is a man to protect and cherish her, make her feel like she is needed and loved. She might almost be clingy and dependent but never overbearingly. Her partner will become of better half. She needs patience and sympathy and you have to be gentle with her. Don’t poke fun or tease and definitely do not reject her harshly because she can’t stand rejection. She is extremely romantic and will lose herself in the relationship. The Pisces woman is the ultra feminine nurturer, the ideal woman for the right man.

What it’s Like to Date a Pisces Man:

Pisces man is the ultimate romantic, the sensitive man who feels with a woman. Pisces male is the ideal zodiac sign for the woman who complains that men are not sensitive enough, this man is. However, he has such an ideal of romance that is unrealistic and will fall out of love when he realizes that there is no such thing as the perfect woman. This man lives in the world of dreams and he needs a woman to keep him grounded. He always seems to chose the wrong woman, or a woman he can’t have like a married woman that way there is no worry about becoming emotionally attached. He needs a woman who can dominate him, but very subtly. She has to be able to help him steer clear of bad habits and bad thoughts. Pisces man needs sensitivity, generosity and compassion, nurture him and he will nurture you back. A fulfilling emotional relationship for the strong yet sensitive woman.

How to Attract Pisces:

Talk about spirituality, the occult, astrology, anything that is out of reach of the real world. They will easily get lost in a good conversation. Although they are attracted to people with severe problems who desperately need help, this actually does more harm them good. Even though Pisces will offer to make everything right, do not allow them to take on all your problems because they will lose their identity in your situation. They need a strong positive partner to make them strong. Pisces like adventure, new situation and social events and will be up to doing almost anything that you suggest. Make them laugh, they are usually melancholy and will be impressed if someone has the ability to make them laugh. They are not very conservative people so do not be afraid to talk about unconventional or strange things and tell them odd jokes, they will be impressed by that. They are suckers for flattery give them compliments and tell them in a roundabout way that you admire them. Be sensitive, generous and gentle, make them feel comfortable with you and make them feel good about themselves and all will be smooth sailing!